We have your back!

With ENCOMPASS, more than 90% of your IT needs are covered with just one package.  You know that you have someone to call on 24 hours a day regardless of what day it is and all for one low monthly price.

The Price

We love upfront, simple pricing.  For offices up to 5 computers, our Encompass package starts at just $149.00/Month. If you have more than 5 computers we can simply add them on to your package.  The more computers you add the lower your cost per computer. 

# of Computers $ per Computer
 6-10 $25.00/Month
 11-25 $22.00/Month
 26-50 $20.00/Month
 51 and Up $19.00/Month

Each computer you add gives you 1 additional email address and 10 GB of cloud backup storage using our DataVault product.

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