We have your back!

With ENCOMPASS, more than 90% of your IT needs are covered with just one package.  You know that you have someone to call on 24 hours a day regardless of what day it is and all for one low monthly price.

The Price

We love upfront, simple pricing.  For offices up to 5 computers, our Encompass package starts at just $149.00/Month. If you have more than 5 computers we can simply add them on to your package.  The more computers you add the lower your cost per computer. 

# of Computers $ per Computer
 6-10 $25.00/Month
 11-25 $22.00/Month
 26-50 $20.00/Month
 51 and Up $19.00/Month

Each computer you add gives you 1 additional email address and 10 GB of cloud backup storage using our DataVault product.

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RCIG believes that your computer is a tool and it should be as reliable as a hammer to a carpenter.  Unfortunately a computer requires so much more attention and maintenance than a hammer does, but like a hammer if you neglect your computer it will get rusty and eventually break. With our Sentry product we will keep a watchful eye on your computer and if something out of the ordinary happens we will login and fix it, if the problem is related to the operating system. Or if we detect any hardware issues we will contact you and work with you to hopefully resolve the issue before you have a loss of productivity.



Today’s threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious attachments to phishing sites. Only multi-vector protection from Webroot can secure endpoints and users across all stages of an attack.


Secure Anywhere

Webroot won’t interrupt you.
So you don’t have to stare at the screen while your computer runs a scan.
Webroot takes 20 seconds to check your computer – 60x faster than the average scan time of tested competitor products.



You no longer have to worry about your computer being up to date with the latest security updates from Microsoft or Apple. We take care of that for you. It does not matter if it is a scheduled update or a critical update that needs to be pushed out to your computers quickly because of a new bug or vulnerability that has been release. You focus on what is important to you we will take care of those updates for you.



World-class data protection designed to fit any business environment from a single workstation to an entire enterprise infrastructure. LEARN MORE



Every ENCOMPASS package comes with Website Hosting. You will get up to 5GB of storage on our State of the Art Hosting platform. With one click install of over 400  popular web tools like WordPress, Joomla, Woo Commerce plus so much more. With 24X7X365 Live support via phone, email or Live Chat you always have help with any question you may have.



We will handle the DNS for up to 100 Domain names for you with every Encompass package but we will also include renewal of one standard domain name registration per year. You should not be the victim of a work stoppage because your domain name expired and leaving you to run around for a day or more figuring out how to get it fixed. We will handle that for you. 



Every website we Host comes with a Quick SSL Certificate to ensure that your site is view able in all web browsers and your end users trust that the connection to your website is safe